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Choosing Powder Packaging Machine: 3 Important Points You Need Know

Feb. 26, 2019

To the most of Vertical Packing Machine Supplier , they are facing the following problems

1.The powder is easily to flown up to the air. The powder is pervade all over the factory. It will effect your worker’s work motivation, and also pull down your score while your customer visit your factory.

2.The powder dust make the finished bags very dirty. The clean bags are absolutely easy to be choosen by consumer from the goods shelves,

3.The weighing for powder is different from granules, not convenient by weigher or scale.

So If you are planning to order one automatic powder packaging machine. The packaging machine must resolve the above problem very well. Otherwise,the packaging machine you bought won’t suit you.

For one Powder Packing Machine , it needs to resolve at least 3 important points as follows:

1.Powder flow-up and bad sealing

The packaging machine need to keep powder in air-tight space in the whole packaging processing. From powder transfer, elevator, filling , shaping to bag filling. The filling powder need to be directly filled into the middle of bag, no falling freely.

2.Powder dust

Powder dust doesn’t only effect bag cleanliness, but also effect packaging machine performance.Too much powder dust will cause the pulling film belt slipped,The packaging machine will appear some problems, such as length isn’t correct, the powder is in the sealing area etc., So the packaging machine need to have this function to keep the powder dust in very low level.

3.Weighing powder and leak-proof valve

As the character of powder, the electric scale or volumetric cup doesn’t suit. So the screw auger is the best choice. The weight of powder need to be controlled by screw diameter, pitch of screw, circles of screw for each filling. By using the correct screw, the accuracy can achieve over 99%.

Tianjin Newidea Machinery offer exclusive professional solution for each powder packaging request.We have already successful installed our powder packaging machine in the following industry, such as pharmaceutical powder, coffee powder, spice powder, protein powder, cosmetic powder, and decoration powder. You can contact with us , our sale engineer will service you right machine with affordable price.

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