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How Does The Food Packaging Machinery Remove The Gas From The Bag?

Feb. 21, 2019

We all know that there is a great guarantee for food packaging after vacuum packaging, and various packaging skills are constantly appearing in the modern market. One of the packaging skills used in food packaging machines today is the atmosphere packaging skill.

Modified atmosphere packaging or replacement gas packaging, pneumatic packaging is to use packaging materials with gas insulation function to package food, according to customer practice requirements will be a certain share of O2+CO2+N2, N2+CO2, O2+CO2 mixed gas into the package, to avoid The quality of food in physical, chemical, biological and other aspects of the decline or slow down the quality of the decline, thereby extending the shelf life of food and increasing the value of food.

Three common applications for modified atmosphere packaging:

1, the use of CO2 in food packaging

China has successfully used nanotechnology skills to efficiently catalyze the formation of degradable plastics from CO2. That is, the catalyst for preparing plastic using CO2 is "destroyed" to the nanometer level, and the polymerization of the catalytic molecule and the CO2 is completed, so that about 130 g of CO2 per gram of the catalyst is catalyzed to constitute a new packaging material containing 42% of CO2.

2. The use of nitrogen in food packaging

Nitrogen (N2) is an ideal inert gas. It has special effects in food packaging: it does not react with food and is not absorbed by food. It can reduce the oxygen content in the package and greatly multiply the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and mold. To slow the oxidation and decay of food, so as to keep food fresh. Nowadays, Nitrogen Packing Machine is rapidly replacing traditional vacuum packaging, which has been applied to fried potato chips and chips, oil cooking foods, etc.

3. Application of compound gas in packaged food

The composite modified atmosphere packaging is collectively referred to as MAP packaging in the world. The modified atmosphere is generally composed of CO2, N2, O2 and a few special gases. CO2 can grow and multiply according to most aerobic erosive bacteria and molds; O2 grows and multiplies according to most anaerobic rot bacteria; insists on fresh meat color, maintains oxygen and oxygen and freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables; N2 is used as filling gas.

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