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What Are The Advantages Of The Small Bag Packaging Machine?

Feb. 06, 2019

In order to meet the diversification requirements of modern products, the small bag packaging machine is constantly developing into a general packaging machine and equipment for multi-variety and small batches, so that the form of packaging machinery is increasing. The bag filling and packaging machine is a kind of automatic packaging equipment which automatically softens a plastic composite film with thermoplastic properties into a packaging container, and automatically completes the whole process of bag making, metering filling, sealing and cutting, etc. on one device. Such as ketchup, small bag of milk powder, instant noodles and Instant Coffee Packing Machine . Today, there are too many foods that have changed from a large number of artificial packagings to quantitative small packages. This is because when calculating the cost of the entire system, the net profit of small packages is higher than that of large packaging products, because waste and loss will be greatly cut back.

Advantages of the pouch packaging machine

1. Structural design standardization and modularization

When packaging a different material with a packaging machine, the original organic type modular design can quickly change specifications or convert to other packaging forms in a short time, and provide for different metering systems. enough space.

2, the packaging speed is high

3. High precision structure movement

Due to the use of various new technologies, such as servo motor, encoder and digital control (NC), power load control PLC and other high-precision execution machinery to control various actions, the filling measurement accuracy and bag making precision of the whole machine are available. improve.

4, control intelligence

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