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Common Faults And Solutions For Granule Packing Machines

Dec. 28, 2018

As people's needs change, related packaging machines have to change to meet customer needs, so friends in the packaging machine industry know that snacks on the market are all kinds of different shapes and sizes. We have to produce food packaging machines of different specifications. These packaging machines often encounter various problems in the application, then we explain some common problems: the particle packaging electromechanical magnets do not attract, the cause of such failures is mostly the internal failure of the mainframe, the electromagnet coil is blown, Various reasons such as line interruption.

The method of Granule Packing Machines electromechanical magnets is not to solve the problem: first check whether there is a problem inside or outside the host; secondly, check the electromagnet fuse to see if the electromagnet has signs of energization, and eliminate the mechanical jam, when everything is normal. Detect internal power.

What is often encountered in weighing Packing Machine For Biscuit is the cause of such failures: sensor damage, bridge voltage failure, line connection or interruption.

The method of the above problem is to detect the sensor and the load signal of the connection or the host, and then detect the bridge and the amplifying circuit or the computer output display circuit, and sometimes the system stability is not good, and the bag quantity is unstable, and the problem can be solved. Whether the line is faulty, or the host is removed, the clear signal is applied through the internal short circuit to determine whether the fau

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