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How To Solve The Problem Of Spreading The Granule Packing Machine?

Dec. 25, 2018

Reasonable Granule Packaging Machine selection is the key to ensuring high quality products. How to choose high-quality, high-capacity, versatile flexible packaging equipment has always been one of the focuses of the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Many manufacturers found in the actual production after the use of vertical packaging equipment with small footprint and low cost due to the site and equipment purchase budget, many products in the requirements of packaging powder type materials and material variety compatibility. There are problems.

The reason:

First of all, the powder type product has fine particles, and it is easy to produce a powder "reverse" phenomenon during the packaging process. The "reverse" phenomenon will result in a tight seal of the packaging and will pollute the working environment to a certain extent. Because the vertical packaging equipment is vertically unloaded, the distance between the feeding opening and the bottom of the packaging bag is large, and the bag is made at the same time of packaging. During the blanking process, the material is slipped into the bag with the packaging material as a “slide”. When the powder is lifted, it will contaminate the seal and the seal will not be sealed. As a result, the quality of the product is often affected. The horizontal automatic packaging equipment adopts the filling method of first bag making and then unloading, and the feeding port can directly feed into the bottom of the bag, so as to avoid dust rising. If the powder particles are extremely fine and easily lifted, a back suction device can be added to the upper seal to absorb a small amount of powder adsorbed from the bag mouth. In addition, the Horizontal Packaging Machine uses five transverse seals to reinforce the seal. This design can completely solve the phenomenon of “reverse”, and guarantee the sealing of the seal to the greatest extent, thus effectively extending the shelf life of the product.

Horizontal Packaging Machine

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