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It’s easy to buy a packaging machine.

But it’s really suitable for you? Is it to reach your product, your bag, and your profit?
Also, there’s no quality guarantee and lifetime support.

No Right Or Wrong Machine,Just Suitable 

You talk, We listen. If we’re right for each other, we provide a performance guarantee, and free lifetime support


Do you want to know the secret about coffee packaging machine?



包装很简单, 但是咖啡包装我们很专业的。

联系我们吧,让你的好咖啡完美的呈现在客户面前并enjoy it。

As the first packaging machine manufacturer in China with 15-day delivery promise, we understand the customers’urgent need for the packaging machine. So we optimized the production process and shortened the production time of the packaging machine from one month to 15 days. In terms of logistics and transportation, we have long-term and stable shipping partners. Judging from years of cooperation

Useful Coffee Packaging Industry Resources

To purchasing the suitable automatic packaging machine is the important decision for your business.       Here is Useful Resource For Your

sliverskin coffee bag packing


A fast-growing company needed a reliable and high-speed coffee packaging machine.

How to keep the drip coffee fresh


Drip bag coffee bag can let you drink fresh coffee anytime and anywhere. Demand of packing drip coffee also increase.

Coffee Packing Video

How to Package Pre-made Coffee Bag?

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Our experts break down everything you need to know to choose the right packaging equipment for your business.

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If you are starting to consider invest the first packaging machine, we will be here to provide helpful resources about packaging machines, learn more knowledge about the packaging machine.

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