How to extend the service life of the packaging machine

How to prolong the service life of the packaging machine is a problem that every user is very concerned about. However, the maintenance and maintenance of packaging machines are highly professional, and most users do not have the ability in this regard. You may say that the manufacturer of the packaging machine will provide related services in this regard, but in daily use, the self-inspection of the packaging equipment is also an important part of the maintenance of the packaging machine.Although the main business of packaging machine manufacturers is the sales of packaging machines, the life extension service of packaging machines is also an important branch business. A durable enough packaging equipment will make users truly feel the value of the packaging machine, thereby generating more sales opportunities.Based on the confidentiality of the design patent of the core components of the packaging machine, it is obviously impossible for some packaging machine manufacturers to tell you how the specific core components should be maintained. There are also some black-hearted packaging machine manufacturers, in order to earn secondary sales profits of vulnerable parts, they will not explain the professional knowledge in detail in the packaging machine maintenance manual given.Considering the variety of styles and functions of packaging machines, it is obviously impossible for this article to tell you how to care and maintain all models of packaging machines. All packaging machine care and maintenance expertise described in this article applies only to universal vertical packaging machines. If you have some special types of packaging machines or other packaging machine maintenance requirements, please click the button below to contact our professional packaging machine maintenance engineers.

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What are the factors affecting the service life of the packaging machine ?

1. The temperature and humidity of the environment where the packaging machine is used

The packaging machine should be installed and used indoors, and the normal four-season temperature and humidity will not affect the normal operation of the packaging machine.

2. Air cleanliness of the packaging machine environment

The cleanliness of the operating environment can be controlled according to the air cleanliness requirements of the corresponding products.

3. Material selection of packaging machine parts

Usually vertical sealing packaging machines (VFFS) are made of 304 stainless steel.

4. Assembly process of each structure of packaging machine

The assembly process is implemented in accordance with the relevant national process standards.

5. Is the electrical layout of the packaging machine reasonable?

The electrical layout takes the running smoothness and rationality of the packaging machine as the main goal, and complies with the relevant national standards.

6. Reasonable continuous working hours

Under normal circumstances, a shutdown maintenance should be carried out every 24 working hours.

7.Frequency of regular inspections and routine maintenance

Implemented in accordance with the relevant packaging machine repair and maintenance technical manual.

How to maintain the packaging machine

  1. The packaging machine should be used in an environment where the temperature is -10℃-50℃, the relative humidity is not more than 85%, and there is no corrosive gas in the surrounding air, no dust, and no explosive danger.
  2. The impurity filter should be disassembled and washed frequently (usually once every 1-2 months, such as packaging debris-like objects, the cleaning time should be shortened)
  3. After working continuously for 2-3 months, the back cover should be opened to add lubricating oil to the sliding part and the switch bumper, and the connecting activities on the heating rod should be lubricated according to the usage.
  4. Regularly check the decompression, filtration, and oil mist triple parts to ensure that there is oil (sewing machine oil) in the oil mist and oil cup, and there is no water in the filter cup.
  5. The heating strip and the silicone strip should be kept clean, and no foreign matter should be stuck, so as not to affect the sealing quality.
  6. On the heating rod, the second layer of the paste under the heating sheet plays an insulating role. When it is damaged, it should be replaced in time to avoid short circuits.
  7. The vacuum packaging machine is not allowed to be tilted and bumped during the handling process, and it is not allowed to be tipped down for handling.
  8. The vacuum packaging machine must have a reliable grounding device during installation
  9. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand under the heating rod to prevent injury, and immediately cut off the power supply in case of emergency
  10. When working, first ventilate and then power on, and when shutting down, first power off and then cut off the gas. Several keys to the maintenance of packaging machinery: cleaning, tightening, adjustment, lubrication, and anti-corrosion. In the normal production process, each machine maintainer should do, according to the maintenance manual and maintenance procedures of the machine packaging equipment, strictly carry out various maintenance work within the specified period, reduce the wear rate of parts, eliminate the hidden danger of failure, prolong the Machine life

Maintenance is divided into: routine maintenance, regular maintenance (points: first-level maintenance, second-level maintenance, third-level maintenance), special maintenance (points: seasonal maintenance, out-of-service maintenance). Centering on cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and tightening, routine maintenance should be performed as required during and after the machine is in operation.

The first-level maintenance work is carried out on the basis of routine maintenance, and the key work content is lubricating, tightening, and checking all relevant parts and their cleaning work.

The secondary maintenance work focuses on inspection and adjustment. Specifically, check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission components, steering, and braking components.

The three-level maintenance focuses on detecting, adjusting, eliminating hidden troubles, and balancing the wear degree of each component. Diagnose and check the parts that affect the performance of the equipment and the parts with signs of failure, and then complete the necessary replacement, adjustment, and troubleshooting. It means that when the packaging equipment needs to be out of use for a period of time due to seasonal factors (such as winter break), cleaning, cosmetic surgery, matching, and anti-corrosion should be done.