Frozen dumplings packaging machine case study

How To Pack Frozen Food ?

-Frozen dumplings packaging machine case study

In the year 2020 COVID-19 has affected different industries around the world, especially the catering, hotel, and tourism industries. Jana from Germany is like that. Before the outbreak of COVID-19, they manage several restaurants and hotels, and their business was very good. However, after the outbreak, their restaurants and hotels had to be closed. After several months, they decided to start a new business, selling quick-frozen dumplings. This is a very smart choice, and the food business will never lack a market. So she started looking for dumpling making machines and quick-frozen dumpling packaging machines. She contacted with Tianjin Newidea Machinery CO., Ltd.

Jana’s packaging requirements are 1 kg and 500g quick-frozen dumplings. At the beginning, JANA did not understand the shape of the dumplings she was going to make and the weight of each dumpling. With years of experience in packaging machines, we first made her a quick-frozen dumpling packaging solution.

While communicating with us, she is also communicating details with the Chinese supplier of dumpling making machines. Later, she asked me to contact the factory that made the dumpling machine. The dumplings they wanted to make had many shapes and different weights. The customer added a packaging requirement for a single glutinous rice ball. In fact, the best solution for a single glutinous rice ball is horizontal. Packaging machine, but the customer hopes that a machine can meet all her guarantee needs.

According to customer needs, we have adjusted the packaging plan for customers. The final quick-frozen dumpling packaging machine plan is as follows:

1. The packaging system adopts a fully automatic vertical packaging machine, model VFC250, with back-sealing bags. (Add product link

This machine can pack bags with the smallest size L100mm*W100mm and the largest size L400mm*W250mm. The size of the bag we tested for our customers is 500 grams of quick-frozen dumplings, and the length (right after the company confirms) 1 kg of quick-frozen dumplings. Since there are three bags wide, three shapers are equipped.

2. The weighing system adopts a 10-head reticulated combination scale specially used for quick-frozen products, and the hopper is 3L.

 The weighing box is IP65 waterproof and equipped with a constant temperature dehumidification device to avoid electrical damage caused by moisture. Because the customer packs 500g and 1 kg frozen dumplings, as well as a single glutinous rice dumpling. The string vibration plate used for frozen dumplings will be too large, resulting in inaccurate weighing of glutinous rice balls, so we have made an additional set of string vibration plates specifically for packaging single glutinous rice balls to achieve precise packaging of single glutinous rice balls/bags.

3. The lifting system adopts stainless steel Z-type elevator, each hopper is 2L, which can increase the output

 Convey the material from the lower place to the combined scale with 10 heads. A care switch is used to coordinate operation between the hoist and the combined scale. When the material in the combined scale is full, the lifting opportunity will automatically stop feeding, and when the combined scale contains less than the material. . . (After asking about the technology and then update), the promotion opportunity will automatically feed.

4. Mounting stand. A normal stand will contain a ladder and its size is relatively large.

When it is known that the height and length of the customer’s packaging area are insufficient. We minimized the height and width of the stand according to the customer’s site, and removed the ladder part. The size of the whole machine changed from (updated after checking the data) to (updated after checking the data) and the final customer accepted this size.

(With drawing, size drawing before and after change)

5. Product output.

The customer chose a finished product conveyor belt and a rotating sorting tray. These two devices make production more automated and orderly. Save manpower and facilitate product management.

Among many competitors, the customer finally chose our packaging solution and signed a contract with us. The customer quickly paid the deposit. We delivered this packaging machine at the end of August 2020. The customer received the machine at the end of September. Our international after-sales team provides customers with online installation and after-sales service.

At present, the customer’s machine is running very well, and we are very honored that our packaging machine has helped an entrepreneur open a new chapter in business. The epidemic has caused some companies and factories to close, but at the same time, some customers have seized the opportunity to open new businesses and provide people with daily necessities and anti-epidemic materials. Each of us can play our own strength and make our own contribution to the fight against the epidemic! Tianjin Newidea Machinery CO., Ltd.To provide you with professional vertical packaging machine, for customers to customize different packaging requirements.

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