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What is VFFS packaging machine?

Jul. 19, 2019

What is VFFS packaging machine?

- Written by Haword from Tianjin Newidea machinery, which is a professional vertical packing machine Supplier.

If you want to buy a packaging machine to replace of your huge worker expenses , VFFS packaging machine can be your best choice, as it can bring you high efficiency output, save your cost, and keep your bags in steady and standard level.

What is VFFS packaging machine?

VFFS packaging machine consists of vertical filling, forming , and sealing function. VFFS is the abbreviation of above words. Detailed functions are as follows.

1) vertical filling

The packing material is freely falling into the bag ,usually packaging machine can control when the material will fall down and how much time delay the material will fall down from dispensing system.

Falling time or falling speed is different according to different materials. Such as coffee bean is much faster than most of black teas.

2) Forming

The packing film is forming into fantastic bag shape by bag former of packaging machine. The bag former is key part of packaging machine. The film is through the bag former, different bag shape need different bag former, and different bag width also need different bag former, so please consult with our sales engineer to decide the quantities of bag formers. Our sales engineer will also give you suggestion for film composition and film thickness.

3) Sealing

The sealing system includes vertical sealing and horizontal sealing. Usually VFFS packaging machine use hot heating sealing. The temperature can be set on independent temperature controller. The film will be sealed together under the right temperature. The sealing effect can be depends on sealing compressor , sealing temperature, sealing time and film composition

If you need above more information, or want to know about more VFFS packaging machine, please contact with us, we have free guide book for your reference.

Hope to enjoy our packaging machine!

July 18,2019

VFFS packaging machine

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