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Mar. 11, 2019

16th Feb 2019, Sweden.It's a terrible day for Mr John.He lost his computer 2 weeks ago.He want to buy a conveyor from his supplier.Now he lost all the contact information and email records.He tried many ways to find the person he want to contact but failed.After all it’s very terrible for an 63 years old man. 

17th Feb 2019,Sweden.Mr john remind that four years ago he sent a inquiry to this supplier , “Why not sent a inquiry to them?”He still remember the company name is Tianjin Newidea Machinery, the person service for him is Sarah. However he forget the alibaba account ,he registered a new account,sent a inquiry to them . 

18th Feb 2019,Tianjin Newidea Machinery,China.Our Vertical Packing Machine Factory received a inquiry  “Lars from Sweden. Hope everything is well with You. Regarding our machine ND-K720 i have some questions.

1.The motor with gearbox to the small conveyor, do you have it in stock and how much does it cost.

2. You send me a video of how to calibrate the weight system, lost it in my computer, can you be so kind and send it again.” 

Finally Sarah contact with Mr John , solve this issue.Mr John told Sarah the story of looking for Sarah.

Even Mr john is not my customer, but I was moved by him and Sarah.4 years , it’s not the first time Sarah solve the problem and supply the spare parts to him.But this time is really a unique story.

This is our daily work about after sales service.With 12 years excellent products and abundant practical experience: 

We see our products still in good condition after many years.

We see our service solved the problems from our customers.

We see our customer trust us and have a good experience.

We see our close friendship and partnership between our customers.

We see our customer made a correct choice!

From the first day, the customer use our machine, it will be a lifelong service from us.

Tianjin Newidea Powder Packing Machine is your correct choice, believe yourself!

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