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Differences in tea drinking habits around the world

Sep. 10, 2019

Differences in tea drinking habits around the world shared by powder packing machine supplier.

Tea, coffee and Cocoa are the three non-alcoholic beverages in the world today. Stimulating and exciting cocoa, romantic coffee, natural and fresh tea aroma, with different cultural backgrounds different countries have their own preferences in beverage selection.

Tea is the first of the world's three major beverages. There are more than 160 countries and regions in the world people have the custom of tea drinking.

In China, Japan, Korea, you will find some people would like to make a pot of strong tea from their busy schedule, in a elegant and quiet place, that can eliminate fatigue,hearten the spirit, enjoy the tea and beauty.

British people like to drink black tea with strong flavor and add milk and sugar. The upper class set up a family teahouse, collecting and furnishing expensive tea sets, emphasizing the traditional status and leisurely manner of drinking tea, to show the British gentlemanly style.

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Tea powder packaging machinery supplier

American tea drinking customs are different, mainly with instant tea or black tea bubble with brewing, put into the refrigerator after cooling, drink when the glass with ice cubes, sugar, lemon, or honey, sweet fruit wine mix drink, sweet and sour flavor, appetizer.

As the pace of life and work accelerates,bag tea is more and more popular all over the world.You just put the tea bag into the cup, then will enjoy it soon. There are manly filter tea bag, nylon triangle bag ,Corn fiber triangle bag in market. So the automatic production of tea bag demand is more and more.

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