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[Packing machine for sale]Operation process of vacuum capping machine

May. 20, 2019

Operation process of vacuum capping machine shared by Rotary Packaging Machine Supplier.

After the filling process, the bottles without LIDS are sent in from the left side of the inlet and outlet tank of the machine, and pneumatic can baffle devices are installed on both sides of the conveyor. The role of the can baffle is that only one bottle enters the push position at a time, and other bottles will not enter the push position in the process of vacuum capping.

The tank feeder is composed of an executive cylinder, a sensor and a push ring. When the bottle enters the push position, it will be detected by the sensor. When the current can is completed and the can feeder has been reset, the push ring of the can feeder will push the bottle to the center of the tray. Therefore, the bottle detection signal is a trigger instruction signal for the start of the bottle working cycle.

The push ring is customized according to the size of the positioning height of the bottle. The bottle body positioning ring on the corresponding tray is also the bottle shape. When the bottle feeder enters the bottle, the capping device will push a lid/bottle into the center of the tray, and the push ring will quickly return to the initial position. After the position sensor on the cylinder can detect the model of the push ring reset, the vacuum chamber will rise.

The upper end face of the cylindrical glass vacuum chamber resists the silicone sealing washer at the head position. During the rise of the vacuum chamber, the sensor on the cylinder of the vacuum chamber drive can detect that the vacuum chamber is close to the sealing washer, and the vacuum switch valve on the head will open in time. The lid is sucked under the cover tray, and the bottles are located in the center of the tray, all in the closed vacuum chamber. After the switch of the vacuum valve, the vacuum chamber is connected with the vacuum pump pipeline, and the vacuum pressure sensor is also connected with the vacuum chamber to feed back the vacuum pressure value of the vacuum chamber to the machine program controller in real time.

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When the value detected by the vacuum sensor reaches the set value, the tray lifts the bottle up and the cap head starts to rotate. When the bottle and cap contact tray bottom is starting to get to the downward pressure, tray claw mechanism will place the bottle clamping, at the same time between the top of the lid and silicone cap unscrewing disk has also been equal pressure, screw cover plate to the lid through friction transfer torsional moment, make the hook claw along the thread bottle lid screwing, screw cap resistance increases, the screw cap tray will stop running. This model adopts the fixed torque control screw cap, the torque is adjusted by the air pressure knob located on the side of the fuselage.

Screw cap is using the method of time delay control, screw cap action is completed, vacuum switch valve, vacuum chamber and atmospheric unicom, restore normal pressure, vacuum chamber and tray down, at the same time when connected to the vacuum chamber and tray two sensors detected after vacuum cover and tray reset at the same time, out of the bottle opener, the bottle from the tray position to push to the right side of the conveyor, conveyor chain plate will send complete vacuum sealing the bottle out of the machine.

After that, the sensor on the can extractor detects the reset of the can extractor, and the working cycle of the vacuum cap of a bottle is completed.

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