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Perfect packaging for irregular products ND-VFM200GL

Jul. 25, 2019

Perfect packaging for irregular products ND-VFM200GL shared by vertical packing machine Supplier.

Irregular product, such as fresh noodles, tea leaves, hardware parts, herbal medicine, spices leaves and etc. These products are difficult to use with conventional weighing systems such as multiheads weigher or measuring cups. The best choice for these irregular materials is chain bucket packaging machine ND-VFM200GL.

ND-VFM200GL adopts intermittent operation mechanism, and the packaged finished product is beautiful and flat.

vertical packing machine Supplier

ND-VFM200GL uses all stainless steel exterior, the contact material is stainless steel 304 material, in line with the requirements of food regulations. ND-VFM200GL chain buckets are ergonomically designed for a reasonable height for worker operation.

ND-VFM200GL adopts advanced PLC+Touch Screen controller. All functions are completed on colorful touch screen, LCD, automatic completion of feeding, back sealing pillow bag forming, labeling, date coding, cutting, counting, easy tearing and other functions.

ND-VFM200GL is highly durable and has a high degree of recognition in South Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions. ND-VFM200GL has a high cost performance and is a very economical packaging machine.

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