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The packaging solutions for fragile materials

Jul. 30, 2019

The packaging solutions for fragile materials

Here you have many types of snack materials, which has its special characteristics, for example, the fragile, crunchy, and irregular. Like banana flakes, cookies, etc.

And then, The vertical packing machine Supplier will take us to see what is the best solution for this special products:

The first:

1.Declining packing machine:

It is the machine inclined, by this design, it have a bag former declining and sealing system declining. For this type machine, the products is slip down to the bags, not directly drop to the bag. So in this way it prevent the product directly strike the bottom of bag. Obviously it is extremely guarantee the completion of material.

But for achieve all of the machine running good. It need a perfect connection between the machine bag former, the hopper and the electric weights. If these three parts have one area not connect well, the products will have a jam. And another important problem is, the hopper that connect with the weights and the machine bag former, so it also need have a declining according the machine and the weights.

vertical packing machine Supplier

The second:

2.Vertical packing machine lower

This type vertical packing machine is of special design too, that packing machine is shorter than normally machine, that only 1.3m higher, and with the elevator, the electric weights the total packing solution will be 3.3m. For this lower machine it total reduce the distance of material drop for 60-80cm. So for a short filling distance it also can make sure the material to be complete.

But for this machine also have a limited if you want to pack a more length bag, it need to pulling the film twice time, so the packing speed will be longer.

Finally, what type of machine is preferred?

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