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Led the development of packaging machinery industry [intelligent automatic filling production line]

May. 08, 2019

Intelligent automatic filling production line leads the development of packaging machinery industry

Recently, no matter from maxed friends "dharma", jingdong "warehouse", or "car" of huawei, we can smell a smell of intelligent unmanned song of life, there is no doubt that China and the world are on the way of unmanned line, more far, no one no supermarkets, restaurants, factory about all aspects of the society and people's life, the spark packaging machinery company in unmanned factory in the fields of research for many years, developed a series of unmanned automatic packaging, less people, filling production line, has greatly changed the food, medicine, chemical industry more than the original manual, semiautomatic packaging of the status quo, At present more and more enterprises began to pay attention to and choose spark automatic filling production line products.

Automatic packaging machinery - bottled liquid filling machine - bag liquid packaging machine - sealing and packing machine - code - capping system to achieve the product from raw materials to finished products all packaging process.

Let's turn our eyes to alibaba and feel the charm of unmanned and intelligent again. From supermarkets, unmanned cars, unmanned gas stations, unmanned restaurants... It's constantly stimulating our nerves.

packaging machinery

Ali smart gas station

This is the famous "ali smart gas station" established by jack ma in hangzhou.

You do not have to start, from unscrew the oil plug, select oil products, oil, oil full unscrew the oil plug - close the oil cap and a series of steps are all completed by the mechanical arm. In fact, the mechanical arm is also widely used in the packaging machinery industry, such as the packaging process of unpacking, product packing, sorting, stacking code and other processes.

In time of peace prepare for war, save for a rainy day, as a famous domestic packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, the spark people walked in the industry, keep up with the pace of The Times, in the field of automation, intelligent unmanned factory will continue to increase investment, resolute, makes no garland, we also hope to peers and for domestic production enterprises of food, medicine, chemical industry and so on joint efforts, to the packaging machinery industry in our country there is no chemical field make its own contribution.

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