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[Packaging machinery for sale]Classification and application of feeding machine

May. 18, 2019

Packaging machinery equipment: classification and application of feeding machine

Vertical packing machine Supplier shares that automatic packaging machinery in the food, medicine, chemical industry is widely used today, the material feeding machine is also indispensable packaging machinery supporting equipment, feeding machine in the automation equipment has a variety of common feeding machine: screw feeding machine, bucket feeding machine, conveyor belt feeding machine. These three kinds of feeding machines are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other production industries. Zhongyi packaging machinery below introduces the principles and related applications of the above three kinds of feeding machines.

One, screw feeding machine

Spiral feeding machine of the Continuous Motion Packaging Machine used in powderin packaging machinery , powder and other materials used for the transmission, its principle is that when the helicoid turns, into the slot machine materials by the rotating blade method to thrust upward transportation automatically, automatic packaging through the screw in the process of automatic feeding, in the transport process, is closed, there will be no any foreign body, not contact personnel, so as to avoid the pollution of these factors on the transportation material, and has the automatic feeding, feeding speed, energy saving, security, etc.

Feeding machine obstruction dredge tips: feeding machine work, if there is a poor delivery, blocking phenomenon, immediately stop working. Open the discharge gate, reverse the feeding motor, discharge the materials or sundries blocking in the feeding tube, and clean the feeding tube.

Application and packaging of square bucket screw feeder (related products: square bucket screw feeder, bag-type powder automatic packaging machine)

Vertical packing machine Supplier

Two, conveyor feeding machine

The general structure of conveyor belt feeder is mainly composed of conveyor belt, roller, supporting device, driving device, tensioning device, unloading device, cleaning device and frame, etc. Belt feeder is a continuous feeding machine, with a conveyor belt around the front and rear two rollers as the traction and bearing members, driving the roller driving the conveyor belt movement by friction, and drive the material to run together, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

Three, bucket type automatic feeding machine

Chain bucket feeder is mainly used to transport fixed materials from top to bottom or from bottom to top, such as biscuits, rice, cereals, steamed buns, milk tea, rice balls, dumplings, chocolate, peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, walnuts and other granular materials. The equipment is composed of conveyor belt and material hopper, which is often used as supporting products of food packaging machinery to realize automatic feeding linkage of food materials. Realize the continuous production requirement of automatic packaging production line.

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