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[Packaging machinery for sale China]What are the common problems of the box sealer? The solution?

May. 15, 2019

What are the common problems of the box sealer? The solution?

Sealing machine although the failure rate is very low, but how not familiar, there will be a variety of small problems, then look at the following points shared by packaging machinery for sale China, compared to readers encounter packaging machinery equipment problems can solve, save time.

1. Tape cannot bond boxes

Possible reasons: a. the main spring is too loose; B. adhesive accumulated on the drum shaft cannot work normally; C. unqualified tape.

Solution: tighten the main spring, smooth these roller shafts, and replace the tape

The box got stuck halfway

Possible reasons: a. belt wheel adjusting nut is too tight; B. unreasonable height adjustment of the box; C. the automatic spring is too tight.

Solution: loosen belt wheel adjusting nut, adjust height from head to head, and loosen main spring.

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3. The tape is disconnected during the sealing process

Possible reasons: the blade sticks out too long;

Solution: adjust blade orientation.

4. The tape is not on the center line

Possible reasons: the one-way wheel is broken;

Solution: replace the one-way wheel.

Sealing packing machine as an intelligent packaging machinery equipment in less than a complete equipment, not widely used, with automatic packaging workshop, also obtained the fast development, especially some special industries, such as impact human health products, the enterprise can through the computer control automatic packaging machinery and sealing packaging production line, realize unmanned workshop, in addition to the quick, drab, frequent, repeated operation, easy to cause tiredness, such as out of the box, packing, packing, packing, logo pallet, etc, as well as those of artificial difficult to achieve packaging, such as aseptic packaging, vacuum packaging, heat shrink packaging, There is a greater need for automation.

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