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Common fault and remedy measures for packaging machine

Jun. 18, 2019

Common fault and remedy measures for packaging machine 

Vertical packing machine Supplier shares that today's society, no matter how developed the science and technology are, faults cannot be eliminated. There is no perfect product, but the spirit of being able to see clearly the problems and make up for them in time is very important. Spark packaging machine can do these in a timely manner and brave to admit mistakes, worthy of consumer trust.

Packaging machine in the long-term continuous working, overworked, coupled with use cases, such as the time is too long, often leads to the production of various kinds of fault, such as material tensile, uneven, bag sealing is not tight, color calibration are not allowed to wait for all sorts of problems, and in the process of packaging machine work caused by the operating personnel's technical ability problem of packing machine doesn't work, etc. It is not terrible to have a mistake, but it is terrible to know that there is a mistake and not willing to correct it. In spark, we should resolutely not let such imagination happen. Once the fault is found, we should immediately rebuild it, and in serious cases, we should rework it and re-manufacture it.

Vertical packing machine Supplier

According to different faults, Zhongyi packaging machine finds out the cause of the fault and makes different remedy measures. The main reason for the break of the packaging material is that the packaging material has joints or rough edges with too large break marks, and the paper supply motor circuit has faults. It is necessary to go out of unqualified paper segments, timely repair the paper supply motor circuit, and replace the paper supply proximity switch. The sealing of packaging bags is not tight mainly because the inner layer of packaging materials is not uniform, the sealing pressure is not uniform or the sealing temperature is low. Unqualified packaging materials should be removed in time, and the sealing pressure should be adjusted to increase the hot air temperature. The color calibration position is not correct because the set value of the bag length is not appropriate. The set value of the bag length should be increased, which means that the actual bag length is longer than the standard length of the color standard. And for the problem of operators should be timely replacement of skilled technical operators to reduce the existence of the fault.

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