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Sep. 03, 2019

How to pack CHILLI SAUCE WITH SOYA BEAN OIL? Following the Tianjin Newidea Packing Machinery would like to share with us.

Chili sauce is a kind of seasoning that is common on people's table. 

This seasoning that adds spice and flavor to anything you could eat, from Asian recipes to Western favorites. It can be used as a wonderful dip for all kinds of food, a side dressing to add more spices to your food, just as you could add salt and pepper, or you can use it as a convenient ingredient for cooking - a good substitute for fresh chili.

Most of the containers used to package chili sauce were mostly bottles and jars.

With the development of fast food and ready-to-eat food, for the convenience of people, seasonings like ketchup and chili sauce have also been made into small packets. But unlike tomato sauce, chili sauce often comes with oil. It is well known that the density of oil is small relative to chilli sauce, and after standing for a while, there is a case where the chilli sauce and the oil are separated.

Tianjin Newidea Packing Machinery

So how do you avoid the separation of chili sauce and oil during the packaging process?

Tianjin Newidea Packing Machinery has a machine for packaging small bags of chili sauce —ND-VFM150PA.

VFM150PA Chili sauce packing machine is equipped with lateral agitation to mix the chili sauce and oil well before packaging to avoid separation.

VFM150PA can make 3 sides sealing sachet, 4 sides sealing sachet, stick bags and small pillow bag that are common on the market.

ND-VFM150PA adopts intermittent operation mechanism, and the packaged finished product is beautiful and flat.

ND-VFM150PA uses all stainless steel exterior, the contact material is stainless steel 304 material, in line with the requirements of food regulations.

ND-VFM150PA adopts advanced PLC+Touch Screen controller. All functions are completed on colorful touch screen, LCD, automatic completion of feeding, bag forming, labeling, date coding, cutting, counting, easy tearing and other functions.

In addition to chili sauce, VFM150PA can pack a variety of other sauces. Such as act as a peanut butter packing machine, and so on.  If you are worrying about packaging of your sauce products, please contact Tianjin Newidea Machinery for tailor-made packaging solutions.

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