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Measuring system of packaging line

Jul. 24, 2019

Measuring system of packaging line

When you go to the supermarket for shopping, I think the wonderful package of products will catch your eyes. There are so many kind of products, like potato chips, cashew nut, milk powder, flour, spices powder, juice, oil, ketchup, salad dressing etc. The bag dosage are varies,60g ketchup,80g potato chips,500g salt, 1kg sugar etc.

Do you know how to realize the dosage? The vertical packing machine Supplier will unlock the mysteries on the measuring system in the automatic packing industries, such as a automatic food packaging machine.

Weigher is widely used for granule products. To realize different weight, speed, and accuracy, you can choose single hopper weighter, two head weigher,4 head weigher, 10/16/24/32 multi head weigher.

Another measuring system for granule is measuring cup, it’s especially for regular shape products, like grain, sugar,coffee beans. The certain volume of cup equal to the certain weight. And the cup height can be adjusted ±30%.It’s more economic than weigher.

For pills and some big granules , counting machine or sensor is the best choice.

vertical packing machine Supplier

For powder products, mainly use screw feeder measuring. There is a screw in the feeder , by controlling the screw parameters(the distance, depth, Angle )and the rotational speed,achieve different weight.

For liquid and paste it’s simple, adopting Cylinder pump to achieve different volume. If you have seen injection you can image the principle.

Measuring system is the most important part of the packing line. A correct weighting solution makes the packing process most efficient, accurate, and economical.

Thank you for reading. Of course it’s not the only factor for a perfect packing solution, next article I will introduce other part of packing line. See you!

Written by Catherine Han

19th July,2019

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