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How to measure and pack washing powder?

Aug. 17, 2019

How to measure and pack washing powder?

First of all, the washing powder packing machine supplier will explain what is washing powder:

Washing powder is an alkaline synthetic detergent. It is a chemical used for washing clothes. It was first invented by German Hankel in 1907 with borate and silicate as the main raw materials.

The main component of washing powder is anionic surfactant, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate, a small amount of nonionic surfactant, plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, Glauber's salt, fluorescent agent, enzyme, etc. Made by spraying, etc., now most of them use 4A fluorite instead of phosphate.

Today's washing powders are classified ordinary washing powder, concentrated washing powder,Phosphorus-containing washing powder and non-phosphorus washing powder as following shows:

1. Ordinary washing powder and concentrated washing powder

Ordinary washing powder, large and loose particles, fast dissolution, rich foam, but relatively weak detergency, not easy to rinse, generally suitable for hand washing; concentrated washing powder particles are small, high density, less foam, but strong detergency (At least double effecacy of ordinary washing powder), easy to clean, water-saving, generally suitable for machine washing.


How to measure and pack ordinary washing powder and concentrated washing powder?

The washing powder packing machine will be your best choice.

For ordinary washing powder, the washing powder is of big granule and loose, so you can be measured and discharged by the measuring cup, but it will have inaccurate measurement. If you want to achieve accurate metering, you can use the multi-heads weigher as the measuring system to improve the accuracy .

For concentrated detergents, the granules are small, the density is high, and the measuring of the measuring cup is also possible, but if you want to achieve higher precision, screw metering is a very good choice.

2. Phosphorus-containing washing powder and non-phosphorus washing powder

Phosphorus-containing washing powder uses phosphate as the main auxiliary agent, and phosphorus element easily causes eutrophication of environmental water bodies, thereby destroying water quality and polluting the environment. Phosphorus-free washing powder does not have this disadvantage, which is conducive to environmental protection of water bodies.

How to measure and pack phosphorus-containing washing powder and non-phosphorus washing powder:

Automatic granule packing machine supllier shares that for phosphorus-containing detergents, because they contain special chemicals such as poly-phosphates, such materials will turn black if they are rubbed for a long time, so such detergents cannot be measured by the screw feeder system. We recommend two measuring systems, the measuring cup and the multi-heads weigher.

For the non-phosphorus washing powder, its measuring system has relatively more choices, measuring cups, screws feeder, and electronic scales are all available. Among them, the screw feeder has more cost effective, not only accurate, but also economical.

Hope you can understand well by this article. If any questions, please consult our sales engineer, they will show you best solution according your products.

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