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How to pack snacks ?

Sep. 21, 2019

How to pack snacks ? Following the packing machine supplier would like to share with us.

Snacks are an indispensable food in our daily life. A wide variety of snacks can be found everywhere in the store, but do you know how to pack such common snacks?

Let's see how to package the common snacks!


The candy is a solid or semi-solid sweet food processed by white sugar, powder syrup (precipitate or other sugar) or a sweetener which is allowed to be used, food coloring as a main raw material, and processed according to a certain production process. The general shape of such foods is lumpy or spherical.

For our hourly favorite toffee candy, it is first packed into a small piece of small sugar from a layer of oil paper, and then loaded into a large bag by counting or weighing. Its packaging process is weighed and fed by a multi-head electronic weigher, and then it is packaged by vertical packaging machine, bag forming and sealing.

This is a video of the packaging machine, then you can understand the entire machine packaging process through video.

Small food

There are many kinds of small foods, which can be roughly classified into the following categories:

1. Candied fruit preserves: such as plum, preserved fruit, candied fruit, preserved fruit, dried fruit and so on.

2. Puffed foods: such as shrimp strips, potato chips, squid crisps, vegetable rings, popcorn, donuts, etc.

3. Dried meat and dried fish: such as beef jerky, beef bran, pork, fish fillets, etc.

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For most of the above products, the shape is irregular, and the surface contains sugar, which will cause sticky, so this special material requires a special packaging solution. Therefore, We change the flat-scale electronic hopper of the head-weighing to the wave hopper. Simply said, it is the contact part of the electronic weigher becomes rough and uneven, so that the material is not easy to stick on the weigher, the material's adhesion is effectively reduced. Then the total packaging process is also packaging by vertical packaging machine.

Dried fruits

Such as peanuts, melon seeds, pistachios, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, chestnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, pine nuts, almonds, ginkgo, pistachios, pecans, desert fruit, pumpkin seeds , Macadamia, etc.

Foods such as dried fruits are mostly granular and uniform in size. These materials are easily packaged. We recommend using a measuring cup as a weight system, which is cheap and economical. It adjusts the weight of the measuring cup by adjusting the size of the measuring cup. So this step requires us to calculate the weight-to-volume ratio of each dried fruit so that we can choose the suitable measuring cup. So the complete packaging solution is a measuring cup system with vertical packaging machinery.

Drink powder/fine granule

Usually used to quench your thirst, provide nutrients or refreshing liquids. For example: a variety of coffee milk tea drinks, a variety of beverages.

For example, this type of material is a small particle powder food. We generally use a powder screw feeder system to measure the weight of the powder. It adjusts the weight by the screw cycle numbers and pitch of screw to adjust the weight. This weighing method accurately measures the weight of the powder. The complete packaging solution for the powder is the powder screw feeder with a vertical packaging machine. It’s also a unique packaging solution for powder packaging.

In fact, there are many common snacks, such as bread, chocolate, chewing gum, mung bean cake, all kinds of meat and other blocky food. What’s the way they are packaged? If you want to know more information, please contact with me, following is my contact way!

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