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How to pack frozen vegetables?

Sep. 18, 2019

How to pack frozen vegetables? Following the packing machine supplier would like to share with us.

Frozen vegetables are frozen foods. They are small packaged foods that are frozen at the lowest possible temperature and as fast as possible after processing fresh vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers.

Many people think that frozen foods are unhealthy. Therefore, frozen vegetables are not as fresh and nutritious as ordinary fresh vegetables. However, the latest research shows that the nutritional value of frozen vegetables is actually higher than that of ordinary fresh vegetables.

Once the fruits and vegetables are harvested, the nutrients are slowly degraded and lost. When most of the agricultural products are delivered to the market, they are not as fresh and nutritious as they were just picked.

Sometimes, in order to facilitate long-distance transportation or maintain a good selling phase, farmers will harvest before the fruits and vegetables are ripe, and the time for the development of complete vitamins and minerals will be reduced. Even if the fruits and vegetables continue to mature, they actually contain Nutrients are no longer comparable to full-fledged fruits and vegetables. In addition, fruits and vegetables are exposed to a lot of heat and light during the process of transportation, degrading some nutrients, such as the more fragile vitamin C and vitamin B1.

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However, frozen vegetables are usually frozen at the peak of ripening of vegetables. At this time, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables is exactly the highest. It can lock up the most nutrients and antioxidants, and retain the freshness and nutrients of vegetables without affecting. Its flavor.

This processing method makes the water in the vegetables quickly form regular and fine ice crystals, evenly dispersed in the cells, the vegetable tissue is not destroyed, and the biochemical process inside the vegetables cannot be carried out, so the bacteria and mold cannot develop. Quick-frozen dishes are very convenient to eat, no need to wash, cut, and thawing indoors. Because most of the frozen vegetables are cooked, some may also be added with salt and other seasonings, so use instant cooking. Instantly cooked, its taste, color and vitamin content are similar to fresh vegetables.

Packaging for frozen vegetables and vegetable mixtures is made of durable polymer film Pet, Pe, Bopp, Opp, PP, resistant to low temperatures. Storage of products in such packaging is provided in freezer chests and glazed refrigerated display cases. For the convenience of demonstrating the contents, the pillow bags made of opaque polymer are equipped with a demonstration window, or the packaging is made of a transparent film with a partially printed pattern.

How to package frozen food? Due to the low temperature of frozen vegetables, it may stick to the multiheads weigher during packaging, resulting in inaccurate dosage. Moreover, there will be water vapor on the packaging film, and the film belt will slip, which may result in the bag length being inaccurate and the bag being twisted. At these two points, Tianjin Newidea Machinery has its own approach.

Firstly, pack frozen food, the weighing system used is a multi-heads weigher with wave. This will prevent frozen vegetables from sticking to the stainless steel plate of the multi-heads weigher.

Secondly, Tianjin Newidea Packing Machinery uses a vacuum belt to provide greater grip when pulling the film, keep the stability of the packaging film so that the packaged bag is flat and beautiful.

For package of frozen vegetables, frozen seafood, frozen French fries, please consult Tianjin Newidea Machinery to get more information and professional packaging solutions.

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