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Good after sale service is more important than packing machine

Sep. 06, 2019

Good after sale service is more important than packing machine, shared the vertical packing machine Supplier.

Did you ever experience when you bought a packing machine, find it’s difficult to operate, not suitable for your product, and the worse thing is the machine seems broken , not work, no engineer to adjust.....You must think “The machine quality is really bad! I waste my money! The supplier is a cheater!”

Wow, that’s really a very terrible experience. But don’t be just stop angry, Is that really the case with the packaging machine? Absolutely not.

Just recall before you buy this packing machine, did your supplier confirm below information with you :

1. What product you will pack.

2. What bag type you would like?

3. What is the bag dosage?

4. What is the bag size?

After ordered the machine like Semi automatic granule packaging machine, did your supplier test the machine according your requirements, and send picture and video to you?

When you receive machine, it still has some problems, unless you have a good engineer, know well about packing machine. If no, you have to operate it by yourself. Then you will ask for after sale service for a mess machine.

So a good after sale service is necessary and helpful to any customer and any products.

Tianjin Newidea Packing Machinery

Tianjin Newidea Packing Machinery

What is the after sales service of Tianjin Newidea Machinery?

1) Support engineers available to service machinery overseas for installation debugging and teaching, I think this is the best and fast way.

2) We supply tool box, manual book, operation video, and teach you about how to use and maintain machine if you would like free cost by our engineer.

3) One year guarantee time, lifelong free service,24 hours online service, reply within 12 hours.

4) Video meeting is offered freely to resolve your urgent questions, we have successfully solved the urgent needs of more than 50 customers.

5) Spare parts provide in factory price within all machine life.

6) 10 years manufacture experience, Strong R&D department for design kinds of customized packing machines.

7) Ours engineers all have over 10 years packaging machine maintenance experiences. We have full confidence to provide you best service.

With the considerate pre-sales service , during production, and after sales service, Tianjin Newidea Packing Machinery enjoy a high reputation on the all over the world. We focus on the technical innovation and development, offer the good machine and best service to our customers. Excellent quality and service is our life!

As a sales engineer of Tianjin Newidea Machinery , I am very happy when my customers feedback with high praise of our packing machine and service. That’s my great honor offer the correct packing machine as customers requirements.

Choose Tianjin Newidea packing machine, that’s your correct choice!

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