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The necessity of explosion-proof packaging machine is analyzed

Aug. 02, 2019

The necessity of explosion-proof packaging machine is analyzed by automatic granule packing machine supplier.

As the packaging machine is mostly some of the packaging powder and particles, so inevitably with dust. Particle is not bad, those ultra-fine powder materials (such as milk powder, toner, etc.) especially serious dust. At this time, due to a large amount of material dust floating in the air, the combustible and explosive dust mostly contains H, C, N, S and other chemical elements. When they oxidize in the air, the heat generated will have the risk of explosion, especially when aluminum powder explodes in the carbon dioxide environment.

Having said that, however, the degree of difficulty of dust explosion depends on the nature of the material and the environment. And the causes of the explosion are not the same. Some materials are easy to conduct electricity, while some materials are not conductive, but they may be electrostatic due to the friction between the machine and the air.

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So how to do a simple packaging machine explosion protection measures is very necessary, here a few simple introduction:

1. Ensure stable ambient air and avoid exposure to oil mist. Gas and other flammable and explosive environment;

2. Make use of dust-proof means such as dust-free feeding station and ensure the tightness of packaging machine and conveying system, completely eliminate dust, and thus avoid explosion with high probability;

3. Adopt explosion-proof motor (flameproof type, increased safety type, positive pressure type, no spark type and dust explosion-proof type, etc.) and some explosion-proof equipment such as explosion-proof touch screen to assemble and manufacture packaging machine.

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