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How to connect counting machine with packing machine?

Sep. 12, 2019

How to connect counting machine with packing machine?

Vertical packing machine Supplier shares that in the packaging industries, measuring system is a very important link. Except by weight and volume, there are some products by counting, such as milk tablet, pills ,capsules , candy, screws, nails, toys and other special materials. There are different kinds of counting machine, like electric counting machine, vibrating disk counting machine.

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But how to connect counting machine with packing machine?

We must coordinate well of the relationships between counting machine and packing machine. First we need install a counting sensor on the entrance of bag former , the sensor will linked to the PLC, engineer make the counting program on the PLC touch screen. Set the filling quantity on the touch screen such as 5 milk tablets, the counting machine will fill 5 times single milk tablet, when the counting sensor detect the tablets enough, the bag will be sealed ,cut and finished. Set the filling delay time, make sure there is enough time for packing machine finish the bag. We can also set the continuous bag on the touch screen.

So just a counting sensor and PLC program , the counting machine can be connected perfectly with packing machine.

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