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Columbia case

Aug. 03, 2018

Our Distributor from Colombia is not only packaging machine distributor, and also a rich technical company, he offer technical support in this local market. We offer our automatic granules packing lines to solve his packing issues. In the past ,they pack their beverage powder with semi-automatic machine. The beverage is only 15-20g per bag. It need workers to fill the products by manual weighing,then sealing bags separately and printing the manufacture date,lot number,etc by manual printer. Our machine can achieve from filling ,weighing,bag making ,sealing and dating at one time.One worker can control 5 sets machines working together. They save the work labor and bags budget,and improve the working efficiency,too. Their leaders are very satisfied with our packing solution ,which solve his packing problems. So now their company’s production capacity up to 6,000,000pcs/month.

Our packing machines are fast delivery,excellent quality and after-sale service. Our client has made some machine working videos to promote the packing machines on Youtube and Facebook website..So there are more and more potential clients come out.

Columbia case

Columbia case

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