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Quantitative packaging scale in the application of various industries

Jun. 14, 2019

Quantitative packaging scale in the application of various industries shared by vertical packing machine Supplier.

Now for the application of quantitative packing scale in domestic cities, but has not yet been received considerable attention in the remote area, a few businessmen still widely using artificial packaging, and artificial packaging costs, packing speed and accuracy is much less than the quantitative, quantitative weighing the level of the domestic market is not present in some developed countries abroad, but the general development in recent years, in the same industry in the breakthrough of technology, the competition between domestic quantitative weighing technology in improving constantly.

Due to the lack of timely information in some remote areas, some businesses still do not know what quantitative packaging scale is, for such a machine to stop, to: "do not know whether to use, use, afraid of problems, etc." to choose to wait and see, and do not know that their peers have in the output, speed of their many. Quantitative packaging development for ten years in our country, on the technology already quite mature, successful cases and customer late response is pretty good, I personally to food as a benchmark to calculate below: if you set the 60 kg per bag, reasonable reduction, you can set the number standard for each bag reduction jins, filling each chariot food won't produce less throw food, lack of food, food.

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For example, a grain depot was sent out to store about 300 tons of grain. It was not a problem to store 2-3 tons of grain at the end of each ton of pieces by manual filling bags and small scales.

Tell you a fact: manual machine is not as accurate as computer.

Still can calculate an account: an enterprise sends 30,000 tons of corn every year, every ton USES less about 3.56 yuan, a year with 106,800 yuan; Annual delivery of 20,000 tons of corn, a ton less use of 3.56 yuan, a year province of 71,200 yuan; 10, 000 tons of annual delivery, each ton less use of 3.56 yuan, a year province of 35,600 yuan.

This is just a basic example, now the wages of workers in the continuous increase, some business employees more than 50 bagging, a day's wages do not say more or less in terms of the daily output of no quantitative packaging scale production is high, generally an hour can reach more than 30 tons.

That's all for the sharing, thanks for your reading, and we also supply automatic food packaging machine for sale, if you have any demand for our products, just feel free to contact us.

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