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1 kg Sugar PE film Packing Machine

Aug. 12, 2019

1 kg Sugar PE film Packing Machine

Sugar is one of the most popular sweet agent in the food industries and the daily life. Baking, catering, beverages, when you drinking coffee, cooking dinner etc , sugar cannot be absent.

In the 1kg sugar packing machine market, you can find various of sugar package. Stick bag, 3 sides sealing 4 sealing bag , usually from 3-10g for coffee mate .Pillow bag ,gusset bag , pre-made bag etc.

For 1 kg sugar bag,there are mainly two kind of film material .Composite film and PE film. Composite film is generally composed of substrate, laminating agent, barrier material, heat sealing material, printing and protective coating. It can promote strengths and avoid weaknesses of each kind of material, make the bag perfect. Such as PET/PE,PVC/PE,BOPP/PE/OPP,etc. The sealing temperature is from 100℃-200℃. PE film just one kind of material, the limit sealing temperature is 130-150℃.

1 kg Sugar PE film Packing Machine

1kg sugar packing machine

Composite film bag sealed by normal heat sealing packing machine,as the film can resistant of high temperature, it’s very easy to seal. But the PE film is no-resistant to high temperature and none sealed under the low temperature either. So the traditional heating sealing system can’t resolve PE film sealing.

Although the composite film bag is better than PE film bag,sugar manufacturer prefer PE film bag.PE film is cheaper than composite film.As we all know,sugar is the daily necessities, Manufacturer prefer to reduce the cost on the package.Or reduce the proportion of bag cost in the whole cost control.

Tianjin Newidea Machinery Co., ltd independent research and development the special sealing device to make sure the PE film bag perfect sealed by special sealing system. It is perfect packing solution of 1kg sugar PE film packing machine. Win many customers' favor and praise. If you want to know more about PE Sealing, please pay more attention to our blog.

Written by Catherine Han

27th July,2019

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