7 Considerations For Choose A Coffee VFFS Packaging Machine

Regardless of whether it is coffee beans or coffee powder, storage in simple packaging bags will lose the mellow taste of coffee due to air oxidation. In order to solve this problem, we usually choose to use a packaging machine to seal the coffee powder or coffee beans for storage. In the field of coffee packaging, the most suitable type of packaging machine is the vertical fill seal packaging machine (VFFS).

The advantage of the VFFS coffee packaging machine is that it can save a lot of labor and reduce the cost of coffee packaging. In the same labor time, the packaging efficiency of coffee is greatly improved. This type of coffee packaging machine is small in size, consumes less energy, and does not require much floor space.There are many different types of VFFS coffee packaging machines on the market. As a first-time purchaser, you may not be able to choose which VFFS coffee packaging machine best meets your needs. NEWIDEAPACK, as a factory with more than 20 years of experience in the production and manufacture of coffee packaging machines, has dedicated 7 important coffee packaging machine purchasing considerations for you in this article.

VFFS Coffee packaging machine purchase attentions 1: the quality of packaging machine

The quality of the coffee packaging machine is the first factor you should consider when purchasing a packaging machine. The quality of the coffee packaging machine directly affects the packaging effect of the VFFS packaging machine when packaging coffee powder or coffee beans. In general, we will recommend you to purchase a well-known brand of coffee packaging machine.

Well-known brands of coffee packaging machines are often able to do very well in terms of structural design, electrical and mechanical components, saving packaging bag raw film, reducing energy consumption, and saving labor costs. If you are not familiar with the brand of coffee packaging machine, you can click to view this article 《TOP 5 coffee packaging machine supplier》

VFFS Coffee packaging machine purchase attentions 2: shape requirements for coffee packaging bags

The function of packaging bags is not only to package coffee powder or coffee beans. When coffee is sold as a commodity, the unique and beautiful packaging can often drive the growth of sales. So when you buy a coffee packaging machine, you need to determine one thing: whether the purchased coffee packaging machine can make the coffee outer packaging bag you need.Common coffee packaging bags include quadrilateral sealing, stick bag, drip-bag packaging, pyramid-shaped triangular packaging, etc. In addition, the production date, coffee brand logo and other information may need to be printed on the coffee outer packaging bag, and the sealing mouth of the coffee bag also has a variety of different design styles. These packaging bag designs require the coffee packaging machine to have corresponding functions.

If you are not sure whether a certain coffee packaging machine can meet your special packaging requirements, it is recommended that you contact the professional engineer of the packaging machine supplier for consultation as soon as possible. After getting a positive answer, proceed to the purchase of coffee packaging machines. NEWIDEAPACK’s professional engineers are always ready to provide you with solutions to any questions about coffee packaging machines.

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VFFS Coffee packaging machine purchase attentions 3: packaging machine spare parts support

Although the coffee packaging machine can run stably for a long period of time, the coffee packaging machine will also fail and stop working due to sudden external factors. For example, the instability of the voltage leads to a surge in current, and the long-term non-maintenance of the packaging machine leads to the wear and tear of the parts of the packaging machine.The replacement of spare parts of the coffee packaging machine requires an additional increase in your packaging cost, especially for some small brands of coffee packaging machine spare parts that often do not have the possibility of being universal. Often these spare parts also need to be repurchased from the original coffee packaging machine manufacturer. This kind of coffee packaging machine spare parts that cannot be purchased in the local market will greatly increase the downtime of your packaging machine.So we recommend you to buy packaging machines that have a generic model and can easily find spare parts in the local market. NEWIDEAPACK’s coffee packaging machines use accessories from well-known brands, such as Mitsubishi, Siemens, Omron, etc.

NEWIDEAPACK Packaging machine accessories partner
NEWIDEAPACK Packaging machine accessories partner
NEWIDEAPACK Packaging machine accessories partner
NEWIDEAPACK Packaging machine accessories partner

VFFS Coffee packaging machine purchase attentions 4: energy consumption of packaging machines

The energy consumption of coffee packaging machines is directly related to your energy bills. Simply put, you need to invest more electricity bills to package coffee. The biggest energy consumption item of the coffee packaging machine is the material transmission between each link and the power consumption supplement of the compressor cylinder.On the current market, the operating power of mainstream coffee packaging machines needs to be between 4.5-5.3KW. However, in the actual production and packaging process, the power consumed by the coffee packaging machine will exceed this value. This means that you need to spend more money to pay extra electricity bills.The design and development team of NEWIDEAPACK fully considered this problem, and planned a more reasonable packaging operation process during the research and development, and matched with electrical accessories with more reliable performance. Taking the drip coffee packaging machine C80E as an example, we can achieve stable operation with 4KW power, which saves about 8%-32.5% of energy consumption compared with other brands of drip coffee packaging machines.
newideapack ND-C80E Automatic Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

Composants mécaniques

  • 1 : Dispositif de dosage et de pesée
  • 2 : Scellant à ultrasons
  • 3 : Plateau de sac intérieur séparé
  • 4 : Membrane extérieure du sac
  • 5: Machine à sceller verticale et horizontale pour sac extérieur

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VFFS Coffee packaging machine purchase attentions 5: inert gas filling capacity

As a kind of beverage, coffee is very particular about the taste of coffee. You may think that the price of coffee beans or coffee grounds can be sealed to ensure their pure taste. Obviously, this is a very wrong idea. When the coffee bag is packing coffee powder or coffee beans, there will still be some air. This part of the air will oxidize with the coffee, which directly affects the taste of the coffee after brewing.

To solve this problem, we chose to fill the coffee bag with inert gas. The preferred inert gas is nitrogen. According to industry regulations, the oxygen content in coffee bags should not exceed 3%. In order to ensure the purest taste of coffee to the greatest extent, NEWIDEAPACK has worked hard to reduce the oxygen content in the packaging bag to 2%. If you are interested, you can check this article 《How to fill the coffee bag with nitrogen》

In order to facilitate your understanding of filling nitrogen in coffee bags, we specially recorded a working video of coffee packaging machine filling nitrogen into coffee packaging bags. If you have some questions about the video, please contact our professional engineers in time, we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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VFFS Coffee packaging machine purchase attentions 6: ultrasonic Welding Bag Capability

Many low-end coffee packaging machines choose the form of heating to seal plastic coffee packaging bags. The reason why this method has become a popular sealing method in the coffee packaging industry is that it is the least expensive to operate. But is it the most suitable way to seal bags?To answer this question, we still need to start from the characteristics of coffee. As we all know, coffee needs to be roasted to brew the pure taste. Different roasting temperatures will directly affect the taste of coffee, which means that the temperature the coffee is exposed to will cause the taste to change.The heat-sealing coffee machine requires a higher temperature to melt the plastic film of the packaging bag to cause adhesion and sealing, which is a bad choice for the final taste of coffee. So NEWIDEAPACK has developed a process of ultrasonically sealing coffee bags to ensure that the taste of coffee will not change.

VFFS Coffee packaging machine purchase attentions 6: the price of VFFS coffee packaging machine

The higher-priced coffee packaging machine is not necessarily the one with the best performance that best suits your coffee packaging needs. In addition to the price of the packaging machine itself, a reasonable coffee packaging machine price should also include the corresponding after-sales service items. Includes guidance on troubleshooting and technical issues after a coffee packaging machine fails.The price of a coffee packaging machine is mainly related to its versatility and the brand of related production components, these factors determine the time and productivity of the packaging machine when you are producing packaged coffee. So before purchasing a VFFS coffee packaging machine, you need to communicate these details with the professional engineer of the coffee machine supplier.If you don’t know much about this aspect, you can contact the professional engineers of NEWIDEAPACK, we will answer all the relevant questions about the coffee packaging machine for you in a timely manner, and even use remote video communication to allow you to view our packaging machine in real time How to run, how to maintain and maintain a coffee packaging machine.The above are 7 considerations for choosing VFFS as a coffee packaging machine, which are enough to support you in making a reasonable coffee packaging machine purchasing decision. Our professional engineers are also ready to advise you on all aspects of the VFFS coffee packaging machine. Don’t hesitate to start communicating with us today. Put an online communication contact button here.