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How to pack protein powder?

Nov. 15, 2019

Protein powder, generally using purified soy protein, casein, whey protein (lack of isoleucine), pea protein and other proteins, or a protein-rich powder prepared by the combined processing of the above proteins, the purpose of which is Protein supplementation for people who lack protein can also be used as a functional additive in food industry production.

The protein powder floats seriously, there are many kinds of powder products similar to protein powder, food additives, pharmaceutical powder, chemical, etc. The average particle size of these powders is very small.

These ultrafine powder materials or high adhesion to ultrafine powder materials themselves have a large amount of gas, and the materials are relatively bulky, floating, dusty, and low in bulk density, such as when materials are directly loaded into bags, it takes a long time to precipitate and the gas in the material will slowly drain out.

What effect does this dust counterattack have on packaging?

1.When the dust counterattack, some of the powder will adhere to the mouth of the bag, which will affect the sealing effect.

2.Affect the dose accuracy.

3.Affect packaging speed.

4.Dusty environment affects the health of operating workers.

So how to better pack protein powder and improve production efficiency for this problem?

1.It is a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner during the packaging process.

2. Use antistatic film to reduce the adsorption of the composite film on the powder

3.Another way is to use a screw that is straight into the bag, filling from the bottom, the drop is small and the dust is small.

As long as pack powder product, it must first understand the nature of the material, analyze the cause of the dust, and improve the packaging effect and speed from the aspects of packaging materials and packaging technology.

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